“Angel of the Golden Hair” Icon Workshop

“Angel of the Golden Hair” Icon Workshop
Friday through Sunday, April 25-27, 2014
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Colette M. Kalvesmaki: Workshop Presenter


ABOUT THE COURSE: This course will be taught in the Byzantine method of dark to light, using egg tempera to build the light with small lines (hatching) from dark hues up to the lightest color. Due to time constraints there will be no gilding. Classes will be six hours each day (except Sunday), including a lunch break. Please bring your own lunch. If more time is needed, there will be a run-over class held in the iconographer’s studio in Gaithersburg. There will be an introduction to icons, to investigate their use and meaning, as well as time throughout the class for questions and answers

BOARDS: For this course you can use the clay flat-panel board (provided in cost). Or if you want something more substantial, you can consider a properly prepared board (9.5” x 12”). At registration you may request a properly prepared board but it will be an additional $75, due at the time of registration and to be requested no later than April 12. If you know how to prepare one, you can bring your own.

MANDATORY TO BRING–BRUSHES: One water color wash brush: very fluffy, at least 1ʺ wide. One stipple brush or a beat-up brush for mixing. One small watercolor brush for detail: script #1 or #2. Several larger brushes for blending: rounds #2 or #3. Optional to bring: pencil, eraser, rinse jar, palette, ruler, scissors, drafting compass

MAKE-UPS: Every day of instruction presupposes knowledge of the days that precede it, so every class is required to proceed to the next one. If you need to miss one of the painting days toward the end of a course, that time can be made up by appointment on another Friday or Saturday at the iconographer’s studio, in Gaithersburg, Md.

COST: $350 ($300 + $50 deposit) + optional prepared wood panel (bring your own or buy at class, $75)

DEPOSIT $50 btn_buynow_SM
BALANCE $300 btn_buynow_SM
FULL PAYMENT $350 btn_buynow_SM
FULL PAYMENT with WOOD PANEL $425  btn_buynow_SM


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